Clay Paky kicks things off at Adidas Originals Supercolor launch

Lighting designer Matt Button has used an array of award-winning Clay Paky Mythos and Sharpys for the launch event of the Adidas x Pharrell Williams Superstars Supercolor range in London, England.

Button teamed up with long-time collaborator Marshmellow Laser Feast for the event, which took place at the Hackney reservoir. Sixty Mythos fixtures, supplied by HDO Productions, lined the venue where they projected stunningly pure beams into the night sky. The light show was interactive with guests able to choose the colours of the beams through Twitter and took place in time to a live performance from dubstep artist Koreless.

“Our creative brief was to basically light up the sky over London in waves and auras of differing colours,” says Button. “I made up a quick 3D model which demonstrated our ideas to adidas and they really liked it. We knew we wanted to use Mythos as it has a very quick and almost balletic spasm between wide and beam, which we used as an interesting beat point with the music.”

The Mythos is a highly advanced form of hybrid light. It works as both a 470-watt spotlight, producing an impressively large beam and a beam light, which remains parallel for its entire length, even at great distances. Button also employed the Mythos fixtures to project the adidas logo in the style of a batman searchlight across the water, whilst the Sharpys worked as beam pins within the adidas stage to complement the Mythos in the same white.

“The Clay Paky fixtures were ideal for this event as they are small, light and bright – what else could I choose to fit on all the little walkways within the domes of the venue?” says Button. “The Mythos also has fantastic colour mixing, which was integral to the ‘Supercolor’ theme.”

Other highlights inside the main venue included the ‘Supercolor Wheel’, a doodle-board made from all 50 trainer shades and the ‘Sneaker Tree’, where the new product line appeared to grow organically from a tree’s branches. Pharrell Williams appeared on a screen to thank guests for coming, before the light show began.