Martin Professional Showcases RUSH by Martin Line for Installation Market at InfoComm 2015

HARMAN’s Martin Professional is showcasing its extensive RUSH by Martin line of dynamic lighting solutions at InfoComm 2015. The RUSH line combines the latest innovations in effects lighting with proprietary LED technology to offer powerful light output and unparalleled reliability for permanent installations.

RUSH™ Gobo Projector 1
Ideal for clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and other permanent installation applications, the RUSH Gobo Projector 1 is a static fixture with easy adjustment of focus, speed and direction ensuring smooth and intuitive operation. It’s also non- intrusive thanks to its silent operation and compact size, measuring 215 x 135 x 152 mm and weighing only 11 lbs. (2 kg). The fixture uses E-sized gobos with a maximum image diameter of 30 mm and thickness of 4 mm. Its light source is a 20 W LED array and projects a 17-degree beam angle with an estimated minimum LED lifetime of 30,000 hours. The unit is cased in silver and possesses an IP20 protection rating for indoor mounting with an included adjustable bracket.

RUSH™ FiberSource 1
The RUSH FiberSource 1 is a powerful automated color-changing luminaire that can illuminate up to 300 1 mm fiber optic cables. With a new 78 W LED engine, the RUSH FiberSource boasts improved efficiency and reliability while retaining all the key features of its predecessor.

It comes backed by a color wheel with nine interchangeable colors and a twinkle wheel for variable-speed sparkling effects. The luminaire also features smooth, full- range (0-100 percent) electronic dimming.

The RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom is a single-lens LED PAR Can with fully pre-mixed white colour temperatures for a range of applications in the installation and entertainment markets. The luminaire is housed in a black aluminum frame and uses twelve 10- Watt WW/CW (warm white and cold white) LEDs for white color washes that can be pre-mixed from 2,700K to 7,800 K. A motorized zoom of 10 to 60 degrees ensures beams produced by the fixture maintain a hard edge without sacrificing lumens.

The RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom is a bright single-lens LED PAR Can with fully premixed color from 12 RGBW LEDs and a remarkable 10 – 60 ° zoom. The fixture offers electronic dimming and strobe as well as a flexible bracket for floor or truss mounting.

RUSH™ MH1 Profile Plus
A brighter and more efficient upgrade to Martin’s popular RUSH MH 1 Profile, the new RUSH MH 1 Profile Plus boasts a 180 W LED engine that provides 50 percent more light output and can produce a wide variety of high-quality effects. The luminaire features an increased beam angle of 16 degrees for more efficient optics. The RUSH MH 1 Profile Plus features a 3-facet prism for indexing and rotation with variable direction/speed as well as an electronic dimmer to create “shutter” effects such as strobes, pulses, and instant open/blackouts.

RUSH™ MH5 Profile
The RUSH MH 5 Profile is a compact and bright 75 W LED profile moving head with efficient optics to punch out a variety of effects and colours. With two colour wheels, two gobo wheels and rotating prism the MH 5 Profile offers full effects in a super compact housing, making it perfect for DJs, bands, clubs, bars, cruise ships and installations where small footprint and low weight is critical.

RUSH™ MH 3 Beam
The RUSH MH 3 Beam is a powerful beam moving head luminaire that blasts an intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. The luminaire features a fixed gobo wheel (17 gobos plus open), a rotating colour wheel (14 colours plus open), mechanical dimming and strobe as well as motorized focus.

RUSH™ MH 4 Beam
Producing an intense, narrow beam of light for mid-air looks and effects, the RUSH MH 4 Beam is RUSH by Martin’s compact beam moving head for smaller venues. It houses a fixed gobo wheel and colour wheel with a multitude of effects possible from a dimmer and strobe, 6-facet prism and focus.

RUSH™ MH2 Wash
The RUSH MH 2 Wash is a fast and agile LED moving head wash light that features RGBW colour mixing and a 20-degree fixed beam angle. The fixture produces unique wash beam effects via DMX, music trig sound activation, and auto trig operation. It features electronic dimming and strobe as well as an electronic color wheel effect with 33 LEE-referenced colours plus white.

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