ETC ColorSource PAR wins ABTT Theatre Award

ETC’s budget LED washlight, ColorSource® PAR, has earned the Lighting Product of the Year award at the ABTT Theatre Show 2015. Making its debut at the tradeshow, the ColorSource PAR was designed for venues that want the brightness and energy efficiency of an LED at an affordable price.

The ColorSource PAR luminaire uses a combination of red, green, blue and lime emitters to expand its colour performance. The colour mix also makes more flattering, adjustable white light and a brighter beam. The ColorSource PAR maintains its colour quality when used at any intensity, and each luminaire is colour calibrated at the ETC factory to ensure uniformity across multiple fixtures. It also compensates for thermal droop, and can be used with or without a lighting desk for easy setup and control. It provides an application for situations where quality colour changing LED optical fixtures might have previously been out of budget, but where increased sustainability and run costs are desired.

The ABTT Theatre Awards judging panel gave an honourable mention to ETC’s Source Four® LED Fresnel lens. This attaches to a Source Four LED Series 1 or Series 2 light engine, creating soft washes and smooth coverage. Its light can be framed with barn doors, and the Source Four LED Fresnel delivers unmatched x7 colour mixing.

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