TiMax reaches for the stars in Yokkaichi planetarium

Japan’s Yokkaichi Municipal Museum has recently reopened following refurbishment. The refurbishment was designed and installed by GOTO INC. around their state-of- the-art 8K triple head hybrid planetarium projection system.

To create the most sophisticated yet natural accompanying audio soundscape, a TiMax SoundHub2 matrix was installed to provide real-time, cue-based timecode synchronisation between the planetarium’s multichannel surround audio and the ultra-high-resolution visual content that almost fully envelopes the audience.

The TiMax2 SoundHub controls routing of audio from a 24ch small mixing console and TASCAM 8ch recorder by timecode cues, distributing both wired and wireless microphones in the mixer and a CD player, SD card player and the TASCAM multitrack recorder.

TiMax2 Soundhub distributes output via a custom controller to 13 d&b MAX12 loudspeakers and seven power amps, two d&b subwoofer, a single Meyer 650P subwoofer and a total of 44 small under floor speakers installed specifically for sound effects.

The TiMax was supplied by exclusive Japanese distributors, S.C. Alliance Inc. to GOTO Inc.

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