Lalela Music tracks used on US version of So You Think You Can Dance

Production music library Lalela Music scored a major win in the US, when its tracks were used on the American version of the hit show So You Think You Can Dance. Lalela tracks are being used consistently on the latest season, providing the score for Detroit and Vegas audition sequences in the first few episodes of the season. Lalela tracks will also be used for dance sequences on the international versions of the show. Jon La Croix, CEO of VTown Cartel, Lalela’s US distributor, said, “We are very grateful to be working on Fox’s iconic So You Think You Can Dance. This season brings a lot of creativity and musical diversity. I am so pleased that Lalela’s boutique collection has been able to deliver for the show.”

Tanya Douman, Lalela’s executive manager in their Cape Town office said, “This represents a part of a new trend Lalela is spearheading, exporting South African music to the world, whereas in the past South African broadcasters always used imported production music. With our distributors in forty countries, Lalela tracks are being used daily on television around the world, a win for South African composers and the local music industry.” Lalela tracks have been used on networks like BBC, Bravo, CBS, MTV, Fox, RTL and TF1.

In early September Lalela will be releasing volume 13 of its production music library, which contains more than 3000 tracks in 180 albums. Lalela is known for its excellent South African-flavoured material, particularly in the house and hip hop genres. Volume 13 features Street House and Kwaihop albums. A range of underscore for television is included, with albums like Contemporary Electronic Underscore, Positive, Touching, Neutral Drama, Humorous and Cop Show. High- energy material for trailers and promos is also included, with albums like Spy, Action Sports, Afro Kung Fu and Epic Electronica. The volume features South African composers like Gemini Major, Dillaman Watts, Tebogo Mothlabi, Edwin Baloyi, Tebogo Leeu, Josh Wynter and Grant Booth. Top US composers like Michael ‘Blumpy’ Tuller, who recently completed programming for the score on the international films Fifty Shades of Grey and Social Network, are also included . SESAC Award Winner Matt Mariano as well as Lalela’s CEO, Alan Lazar, who was recently admitted to the US Television Academy on the basis of his theme music for popular US shows, also feature on volume 13.

For more information on Lalela’s tracks, visit the Lalela website.