Apple rumoured to be considering original content production

Industry rumours suggest that Apple is looking to produce original content, which will be available to Apple product owners via an online video-streaming service. Though it has not been officially announced by the technology giant, a report by Variety stated that the company has engaged in early discussions with Hollywood executives around the possibility of producing original TV series and movies.

This places Apple in competition with online streaming service providers such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon; as well as various TV networks. Netflix in particular has achieved international success with its original series House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, which are available only to Netflix subscribers in the US, though the shows air on television in international territories. Should Apple go the same route, exclusive availability of content on its devices is likely to further enhance consumer loyalty.

Apple has already seen financial success in providing apps, music, movies and TV episodes through its already established platforms: the iTunes Store, the newly released Apple Music streaming service and the App Store. While some are of the opinion that original content would complement this media ecosystem; others question the company’s ability to stay focused with so many global ventures on the go; and many have speculated that Apple is purely exploring the prospect and may never move forward with the service.