Bosch eases interfacing of fire detection and voice evacuation systems

Bosch Security Systems has introduced a new release of its Smart Safety Link, easing the interfacing of fire panels and voice evacuation systems even further. Smart Safety Link uses the IP protocol to connect Bosch fire panels and voice evacuation systems and to configure them accordingly. It supports every single connection, no matter how many zones have been configured in the evacuation system. The IP connection substitutes four relay-based connections per zone and thus drastically reduces both installation effort and error-proneness. It also increases operational reliability as the IP connection is supervised continuously. Future extensions do no longer require additional cabling but can be implemented via software.

The current release of Smart Safety Link supports Bosch’s Modular Fire Panel Series 5000 and S Series 1200 as well as the PRAESIDEO and PAVIRO voice evacuation systems. Depending on the application, one or multiple voice evacuation systems are connected to the networked fire panels, enabling tailor made campus solutions. This flexibility and the systems’ modular design allow the installer to adapt easily the solution to a customer’s specific requirements. Further, Smart Safety Link eliminates the need to install additional, specific interface modules between voice evacuation systems, simplifying the solution design and further increasing reliability.

In case of an alarm, a fire panel can activate the respective zone within the voice evacuation system. Doing so, Smart Safety Link allows the evacuation to be dynamically adapted to the building’s structure. Each floor is addressed and securely evacuated individually, depending of the current situation. This increases safety and guarantees an optimized evacuation process. Security staff can interact with the solution using the fire panel’s touch screen.

For system integrators, Smart Safety Link is a very efficient tool for quick and reliable integration of fire panels and voice evacuation systems. This solution is much more flexible and scalable than common connections and reduces installation time for example for ten evacuation zones from two hours to two seconds.

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