The Kitchen will be attending DISCOP Africa 2015

The Kitchen, the Emmy Award-winning language dubbing studios, will be returning to DISCOP Africa this year.

While The Kitchen dubs all languages, into US English, Brazilian Portuguese and Parisian French, it relies on its close association with Ear Candy, South Africa’s leading dubbing company, to provide many of the local Sub-Saharan African languages. “It is no secret that the telenovela genre continues to rank high amongst African viewer requests throughout the continent. That’s why there is so much demand for the localised product, and we’re convinced that nobody does it better than we do here at The Kitchen,” says Ken Lorber, president/CEO of The Kitchen.

According to DISCOP, “The African marketplace is now worth half a billion US Dollars in annual TV content sales, twice more than three years ago.” The Kitchen’s growth continues to emulate this growth, as new studios, staff and technology continue to expand and evolve with the expanding needs of global clients.

The Kitchen recently announced the formation of a joint venture with Cisneros Media Distribution whereby 12 new recording studios will be constructed in Venezuela for the exclusive use of The Kitchen, for Latam Spanish dubbing. This will bring to 30, the total number of studios being operated by The Kitchen.

Ken Lorber, along with Deeny Kaplan, executive vice president of sales and marketing, will be on hand throughout DISCOP Africa.
Please visit The Kitchen at VB 24.

Visit The Kitchen’s website here.