Forscene boosts editing capabilities

A new iteration of Forbidden’s professional video editing software, Forscene, will be released on 24 November 2015 and will be immediately available to all clients of the post-production platform. The functionality introduced in this release enables new Avid workflows and increases efficiencies on multi-track productions. Many of the new features were requested by Princess Productions, who were involved in the development and testing process.

“The new features are currently being put to the test on The Island with Bear Grylls in a workflow that sees complex multi-video and audio track sequences move from Avid to Forscene and back again. Working with the Forscene product development team has delivered a solution that allows our teams in Panama and London to collaborate on edits the day after the footage is shot,” said Paul Jones, head of Post-Production for Princess Productions, part of the Endemol Shine Group.

The ability to import Avid AAF files — and auto-conform timelines based on this data — is one of the release’s features. Long-form broadcast clients often log and create rough cuts in Forscene and then move to Avid to complete their edits. This new feature means that clients can now move between Avid and Forscene at any point during the offline edit.

Clients can use the feature to make Avid sequences available for review by parties in different locations. Rather than exporting a QuickTime® clip from Avid and then importing it into Forscene, clients can now make the actual Avid timeline available in Forscene.