Glow TV now available on StarSat

StarSat has announced that Glow TV is now a part of its offering on the satellite platform. It will be included in the StarSat Special Package on channel 570 from Thursday, 14 January.

The Eastern-inspired channel brings programming in Hindi with sub-titles and in English across various genres including food, comedy, travel, crime, drama, movies and cartoons. The soaps in prime-time carry a dual soundtrack of Hindi or English with sub-titles.

“Glow TV is an interesting addition to our platform and we believe many of our subscribers will make it part of their regular viewing. Much of its programming line has never been seen before in South Africa and the appeal of the channel is across general, rather than specific audiences,” says StarSat’s head of Content, Ian Woodrow.

“We’re excited that through this move, Glow will be more accessible to an even wider audience. We have back-to-back soapies from 17h30 to 22h00 every weekday and this month viewers can look forward to the brand new soapie, Saras, which follows a young man who falls in love with the girl of his dreams,” says Glow TV channel manager, Naz Khan.

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