‘Sonskyn Beperk’ trailer

South African director and producer Maynard Kraak’s romantic-dramedy Sonskyn Beperk centres itself around the world’s current obsession with craft beer.

Anya du Plessis leaves her boyfriend in New York to reconnect with her estranged father back home in South Africa. After running into some financial troubles, Anya’s father believes his new beer brewing hobby is the answer to their financial crisis. When Anya and her father meet the charming Ruan, it seems Anya is the only thing coming between him and craft beer glory.

The film’s cast includes Anelle Bester, Neels Van Jaarsveld, Andre Roothman, Vere Tindale, Peter Butler, Chris Van Niekerk, Andre Samuels and Clara Joubert.

Sonskyn Beperk releases at cinemas nationwide on Friday, 11 March 2016.