Nokia OZO VR camera integrates Comprimato JPEG2000 codec technology

On 6 April 2016, Comprimato announced it is providing its JPEG2000 software codec for Nokia’s 360˚ virtual reality camera OZO. The output of the eight 2k x 2k sensors is lightly compressed and packaged into a single stream which Comprimato decodes in software for live monitoring and responsive post-production to enable dynamic rendering and real-time views of videos shot.

“Hardware-accelerated decoding was an absolutely critical part of our design specification,” said Guido Voltolina, head of presence capture at Nokia Technologies. “We knew that in the real world directors and cinematographers would want a realtime view of what they had shot.”

The eight output streams from the OZO are rendered together to create a complete immersive virtual environment. The decoder uses Comprimato’s GPU accelerated processing, meaning that directors and cinematographers can see what is being shot. In post-production the consistency of the JPEG2000 encoding ensures that stitching is seamless.

To learn more about Comprimato visit their website.

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