PlayBox Neo and CloudAir wow broadcasters at NAB

PlayBox Technology Limited (PTL) reports an extremely successful 2016 NAB Show with high levels of visitor interest in PlayBox Neo and CloudAir which both made their American market debut.

“With two major product launches at this year’s Las Vegas NAB, we had every reason to anticipate strong visitor traffic,” said PTL marketing manager Peter Petrov. “The actual number of visitors to our exhibit far exceeded expectations on all four days of the show.”
“The two big themes at NAB this year were increasing recognition of IP in broadcast workflows and the need to prepare for UHD playout,” added PTL president Don Ash. “We pioneered the concept of IP-based playout over a decade ago, allowing television channel managers to control remote AirBox servers from any location via a secure network connection. We have now announced support for the NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI) open protocol for IP production workflow.”

“We have also introduced full support for UHD, HD and SD in a single AirBox Neo server,” said PTL USA sales sanager Van Duke. “AirBox Neo is the ideal playout platform both for new startup UHD channels and for existing SD or HD channels keen to expand into UHD. Easy to install and operate, versatile and highly reliable, AirBox Neo retains all the plus-points that have made AirBox the world’s best selling broadcast playout system.”

“The CloudAir universal playout and streaming platform made its first NAB showing following its official launch at IBC 2015,” detailed PTL CEO Pavlin Rahnev. “CloudAir rewrites the broadcast playout rulebook in terms of speed, scalability and flexible funding. It allows service-providers to introduce secure cloud-based playout facilities to broadcasters on any required scale. CloudAir can be hosted on existing IT servers or supplied to the host company as a complete hardware system. The host company subscribes to as many licences as it needs at the start of the enterprise, adding more licences to accommodate expanding levels of business.

“Television channels of any kind can be deployed via CloudAir, ranging from permanent services operating round the clock every day of the year to transient ‘red-button’ channels created in parallel with a specific series or event. It also allows a disaster recovery system to be established at very short notice, whether for the single channel or an entire network. This can be controlled securely from practically any location with IP connectivity.

“One of the world’s largest telco service providers confirmed during NAB that it will be using CloudAir to bring news, sports and entertainment content from a major Asian broadcaster to viewers in Canada.”

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