NEP Switzerland goes 4K with Streamline S12 4K OB Van

For the starting football season and production of the Swiss Super League NEP Switzerland trusts in their new and first full 4K OB Van. The new production vehicle is a Streamline S 12 4K developed and delivered by Broadcast Solutions GmbH and is the first 4K OB Van in Switzerland. With the Streamline S 12 4K the German system integrator pushes its product-family of Streamline OB Vans to the next level. With the Streamline S12 4K Broadcast Solutions offers a full 4K version of its pre-engineered OB Vans, in the shortest time. The OB for NEP Switzerland offers more space due to a new room concept for the production area, works with up to 12 cameras in UHD and can be manned with up to 20 operators.

The Streamline S 12 4K is named Ultra HD-41 and will cover the Swiss Football Raiffeisen Super League in 4K starting in July 2016. For the customer NEP Switzerland the short delivery time and the flexibility in terms of workplaces, audio equipment and overall design were key to trust in Broadcast Solutions.

Trond Hermansen, CTO NEP Switzerland, on the collaboration with Broadcast Solutions: “Time was an important factor, since from the assignment to produce the Swiss Football Super League to the first productions we only had less than six month time for developing and testing the OB Van.”

Streamline OB Vans are a family of pre-engineered OB Vans that come in five different versions, all available in 4K. Although the Streamline OBs are nearly “off-the-shelf” vehicles that offer significant price advantages and short delivery times they are equipped with the latest high-end technology and make use of sophisticated concepts with regards to workspace design and flexibility.

Trond Hermansen on this topic: “I think the Streamline S12 4K is very flexible – in a lot of ways – what I like very much. It is an open solution and we can easily adapt different setups and change positions within the OB. The sophisticated KVM System makes it easy to change the working positions. This all leads to fast setup times, which is an important factor for the company.
A further area that pays off to the flexibility of the OB Van is the very powerful audio section, with the big Lawo mainframe and console, which puts us in the position to cover sports and entertainment events with the same high-professional outcome.”

To Broadcast Solutions building 4K OB Vans is normal but to offer full 4K versions of the Streamline OB Van family within such a short time and with refined concepts proves even more the sophisticated conception of this product line.

Rainer Kampe, CTO at Broadcast Solutions, on the development of the Streamline S12 4K: “The Streamline S12 4K is the next logical step for our Streamline OB Van family. We can build and deliver the 4K versions within the same short time frame and with the same cost-advantages. Moreover, using the new room layout there is more space in the Production Area, offering enough space for 20 people in total to work in the OB with ease. The focus on a sophisticated audio section, KVM and control solution makes the OB very flexible in terms of its use. The ingenious audio-video core processing system opens up possibilities to scale for future IP-workflows”.

The Ultra HD-41 OB Van will be producing football matches in 4K for the Swiss Raiffeisen Super League, Switzerland’s Premier football league.