Prolyte Campus Workshop success in South Africa

“South Africa is not a third world country when it comes to the knowledge and awareness of safety when rigging,” said Ruud de Deugd, who visited Johannesburg to present the Prolyte Campus Workshop hosted by DWR Distribution from 14 to 17 March 2017.

With his roots securely founded in the engineering office of Prolyte and trained as a Mechanical Engineer, Ruud has combined his expert engineering skills with the daily practice of rigging projects. For the second year running, he presented the hands-on Prolyte Campus Workshop in South Africa with the emphasis on safety which ended with a practical build-up session.

“There is a health and safety standard in South Africa as found in the South African Bureau of Standards titled SANS 10366 which is general and a guideline to Health and Safety at Events,” explained Ruud. “I believe this will evolve but at least it’s a good starting point. That said, the South African rental companies are not behind Europe in their knowledge and mindfulness of safety.”

Selling Prolyte trussing with an emphasis on safety has also been the main priority of Robert Izzett from DWR. “We are very glad that the industry take this up seriously, that they attend training and are committed to building the right way,” said Rob. “Lives are at stake and our aim is to ensure that our clients do things the right way. Thank you very much to both Ruud and to all the delegates who attended.”

The intimate course allowed delegates to interact, ask questions and interact. “My main aim is to create awareness,” commented Ruud. “DWR have a sign in the training room that says, ‘It’s all about training the people.’ That’s all it is, learning new skills and ways to do things simpler, better and faster.”

The workshop was well received by those who attended. “I learnt a lot and even if you know what you are doing, it’s good to have a new viewpoint,” said Lee Irving from Solid Rock.

From MGG, Artwell Maphosa said the campus was beneficial and he enjoyed it, while his colleague Xolani Ngwenya said he gained a lot of knowledge on rigging the right way and on how to avoid injury in the workplace.

For Morne Boshoff from Visual Audio Productions the course confirmed that he was doing things the right way. “Sometimes you forget things, and this was great to brush up on my skill,” he said.