Digital Media Presentations

Day 1
19 Jul 2017
Day 2
20 Jul 2017
Day 3
21 Jul 2017

Tape Digitisation

Baku will cover what Archive Migration and Digitization entails, the end of VTRs and Tape Life, the benefits and business case for Archive Migration and Digitization. He will also look...
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Technological advances in cellular based live news and event coverage- unique hybrid transmission solutions.

Live video is driving today’s breaking news, sports and other event coverage. The media industry is increasingly seeing the convergence of satellite and cellular technologies with the two complementing each...
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AVID 4Designer – State-of-the-art 2D/3D real-time broadcast graphics authoring

4Designer authoring software is the foundation of all Avid real-time graphics systems. It provides the tools you need to create stunning visual content for news, elections, sports events, weather segments,...
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On-Premise and Cloud Based Storage Solutions

Optimised Workflow for Media Archive based on Hybrid storage and DIVArchive. Speaker : Razik Zaghlouli Company : Oracle

Quest for Immersion: Complex 360 Video Stitching Cases

In straightforward scenario’s, most 360 video stitching software does a relatively good job, but not all 360 videos are straight forward, nor should they be if you are interested in...
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Virtual Studios: Should I Throw Away the Furniture?

This presentation looks at the increasing trend towards virtual studios and discusses the advantages and potential disadvantages of working with virtual sets versus more traditional physical sets. Changes in both...
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AVID MediaCentral Cloud UX – the new Interface to the MediaCentral Platform

MediaCentral Cloud UX is the new web-based application which offers a completely redesigned and highly responsive user experience for the MediaCentral Platform, making it super-fast and intuitive for anyone to...
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Virtual Reality, an immersive experience

A short presentation on Virtual Reality and its applications. Covering all aspects from acquisition, post and delivery platforms for immersive VR. Speaker : Stefan Nell Company : Visual Impact