Day 1
17 Jul 2019
Day 2
18 Jul 2019
Day 3
19 Jul 2019

LED Screens

What screen should I buy?
Schalk Botha

Profitable Video Delivery

ATEME: Growing & Profitable Video Delivery LeaderTechnology in control, Future-proof solutions Scalable Solution from Origination to Delivery
Mohamed Razik Zaghlouli

Projection Mapping

Introduction to Projection Mapping with Green Hippo SHAPE
Suzy Stenning

LED Technology in Architectural Environments

How LED technology has changed Architectural Lighting and created Architainment Lighting.

Overview and application of Braceworks & Spotlight

Overview and application of Spotlight
Jim Woorward

The Future Is Now – grandMA3 to face the growing complexity of lighting fixtures

The future of integration of MA3 Systems. With GDTF & MVR.

Dot2 taking your venue to the next level

How using a Dot2 has improved many venues around Africa and the benefits thereof.
Olebogang Boinamo

Media Servers

Introduction to media servers in Live Entertainment
Suzy Stenning


Overview and application of Braceworks

In-ear monitoring tips n tricks

Issues Monitor Engineers face with in-ears
Jaco Beukes

Stage Dex – Do’s and Dont’s

Basics of modular Staging
Paul Hadfield

Safety aspects of using Wing-Up stands

Hi-Load wind up stand safety

Oracle DIVA

Oracle DIVArchive is an Object Storage platform integrating multi-storage technologies such as disk (SAN, NAS, Scale Out NAS, MAID), tape, optical, and cloud.
Dominique Bergeret

Working with Color

Colour Aspects & Colour psychology
Jannie de Jager

Sound Re-enforcement in Challenging Acoustic Environments

Sound Re-enforcement in Challenging Acoustic Environments
Frank Andrewartha

Rigging safety

Basics that get overlooked with potentially fatal consequence
Robert Izzett