360 Camera Experience 12:30PM

20 Jul 2017
12:30 - 13:00

360 Camera Experience 12:30PM

Timeslice is the juxtaposition of the traditional marriage between time and camera movement, namely that, in the conventional sense of motion picture, time progresses in accordance with camera movement and speed. Even when frame rate is increased to produce super-slow-motion, the subject still moves in time. Timeslice is the opposite effect of this.

The timeslice technique is the ability to suspend time while still creating a motion effect. Timeslice allows the subject matter to be viewed from multiple angles at exactly the same point in time, giving it greater context. In essence, the brain is tricked into thinking the camera is moving while the subject is frozen.

This technique is particularly effective when using subject matter that is in flux. Timeslice is the ultimate transformation of time and represents the camera moving at an infinite speed.

Visit the Timeslice Cinematography 360 Cam at Media this July to experience it for yourself.

  • Speaker: Timeslice Cinematography