Film and Commercial VR

20 Jul 2017
10:00 - 11:00

Film and Commercial VR

International Film making:

Through Mowgli’s Eyes: Cold Lairs: (Discover the Cold Lairs through Mowgli’s eyes. Watch this brand new clip featuring King Louie, presented as a Facebook 360 Experience.)

Transformers: The Last Knight 360 Experience Behind The Scenes (Check out this 360 look behind the scenes of #Transformers: The Last Knight, powered by #Holor. Enjoy this 360 experience on your mobile device, on desktop by mousing around to explore, or on a 3D headset, and don’t miss #Transformers when it hits theaters June 21.)

Stranger Things Virtual Reality Experience: (Can you survive Stranger Things? Experience one of the most thrilling scenes from the show in 360 video – or using a Google Cardboard if you dare… Or just make your friends do it. )

The Conjouring 2: Visions (Are you brave enough to face the demonic? Walk as Lorraine Warren from The Conjuring 2 and experience her vision in this haunting 360 video.)

Presented by: New Reality