In-ear monitoring tips n tricks

18 Jul 2019
10:30 - 11:30

In-ear monitoring tips n tricks

One of the fastest growing topics in live music is In-Ear Monitors.

This is going to be a very informative seminar on the do’s and don’ts of In-Ear Monitor mixing. This seminar will leave you informed about In-Ear Monitor mixing by taking a deeper look into the mechanics of the human ear and how audio is formed.

We will also be discussing multiple driver in ear monitor units and how they work and why artists should invest in Custom In-Ear Monitors.

Lastly, we will play with the latest in In-Ear monitor gear such as KLANG and talk about 3D In-Ear mixing.

Jaco’s experience with in ear monitors started 12years ago at the church he worked at, with everyone on stage having on in ear monitors. In-Ears have always been a passion of Jaco’s and he has never stopped learning about this topic.

He really enjoys sharing what he knows and what he has experienced to other audio enthusiasts. Jaco is really looking forward to teaching what I know at MediaTech this year.