Nexus and CatKing

18 Jul 2019
13:00 - 13:20
Sound Demo Zone [Stand 8]

Nexus and CatKing

Nexus Evo 210+ Evo118


Nexus Evo-210

Nexus Evo 210 is a Bi Amplified mid-high which can be arrayed

Dual 10” Midbass 700 Watts Aes, 1400 program 8 ohm per enclosure

Frequency range -10db 80Hz to 5khz

HF 2” 60 Watts Aes 120 watts program 8 Ohm per enclosure

Usable frequency range 1600hz to 18khz

Sensitivity 102 decibels per cabinet

Spl 130 dbcontinuous, 133 program

The product has been developed to be highly flexible for indoor and outdoor applications which can be hung vertically or horizontally, the rotatable horn has a dispersion ratio of 90 by 10 degree’s allowing a user to re arrange dispersion angles according to the application. Users with knowledge of basic processing can take full advantage of the flexibility, in the right hands the Evo-210 can meet the highest demanding applications without the premium price’s associated to many name branded products with similar performance.

The Evo-210 has been designed and developed in Africa for Africa’s most demanding requirements and represents the Evolution and second generation of the Nexus products.

Nexus Evo-118 single 18” Compound horn loaded subwoofer

1200 watt Aes, 2400 watts program power

5” Voice coil with FEA optimized motor structure and cooling

Frequency range 35Hz to 120HZ

Sensitivity 100 decibels

Spl 133Db continuous, 136 program.

The Evo 118 is an enclosure that achieves maximum efficiency, combined with our FEA optimized Motor structure & 5” voice coil produce high levels of Bl  with minimal heat buildup for low power compression. The motor structure and frame weigh in at 24kg ‘s making it one of the largest 18’s on the market, the heavily braced enclosure features a double face plywood baffle to ensure the most rigid construction possible at extreme spl levels. The Evo 118 is possibly the most powerful cabinet being produced in South Africa with no rivals from local manufactures when comparing price to performance ratio and is the panicle of bass performance required by the African market

Cat King Pro2.5+ VF218 



Dual 15″

1100W aes/ 1400w peak

40Hz-19kHz frequency response


Dual 18″

1400W aes/ 1600W peak

45-250Hz frequency response