SPL Audio presents M.Series Speakers + Tx.Series Speakers + Vt.Series Speakers

19 Jul 2017
11:45 - 12:00
Outdoor Sound Demo Area

SPL Audio presents M.Series Speakers + Tx.Series Speakers + Vt.Series Speakers

M- SERIES SPEAKERS : M for “multifunctional”, that’s our M-Series. Use it for small, inconspicuous voice amplification, as a stage monitor, as a full range speaker, or even purely as a top in compact space and live PA systems. Its complex passive frequency crossovers do not just coordinate the phases of woofers and mid-high drivers, but also line arise the frequency responses of whole systems. For us, multi functionality of course includes the usability in conjunction with any standard amplifier, even without DSP or external controllers.

TX.SERIES SPEAKERS : The TX Range Offer a high performance, high density system solution in a truck-pack friendly format. Develop concert-worthy floor monitors and side fills that could affordably complement any touring sound system. Deliver an affordable, great sounding subwoofer that could reproduce true low frequency at elevated sound pressure levels. With four full-range systems and two subwoofers, the TX Series can cover just about any professional application. Whether you’re in need of ancillary speakers for a full-blown tour sound system.

VT.SERIES SPEAKERS : The designation ‘VT’ comes quite simply from the way these loudspeakers are used in Vertical Arrays. The series is based on the VT10 top, a compact line array element with a system width of 50 cm and scalable up to an array length of 18 elements. Based on the vision of enhancing the limits of sound systems and re-scaling systems for big venues, we created the extraordinary VT36 systems for medium to big vertical array applications.

  • Speaker: Gladman Balintulo
  • Company: SPL Audio