Digital Media – VOD – OTT Presentations

17 Jul 2019
18 Jul 2019

VOD in the African Landscape

Western models of subscription VOD services don’t quite work in Africa. We discuss the African context and the implications when launching an OTT start-up in the developing world. AVOD/SVOD tiers,...
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Mayur Patel

OTT and Live Streaming to an App

Processing VOD and setting up live event streaming straight to an OTT app presents some interesting challenges in Africa. We will take a look at industry best practise, and some...
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Roga Rangan

Getting the Best Out of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning

The presentation will focus on the 2 key areas of Getting the Best out of AI and Machine Learning and Intelligent Content Management for the M&E industry.
David Candler

Audio in the age of IP and the Internet

Cost effective solutions for audio transport, background music, paging and intercom using iP and the internet. Barix is a leader in Audio over IP and provides cost effective solutions and...
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Reto Brader